Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain and the media

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears! There was John McCain at a campaign stop today, egging the crowd on as one supporter stood up and lambasted the news media for its coverage of Sarah Palin.
This is the same John McCain who for years has enjoyed -- even reveled in -- the most friendly news coverage in the Senate, maybe in all of Congress!
I rode with him on the original Straight Talk Express. I've walked the halls of the Capitol with him, always surrounded by a throng of journalists. I've covered him at standing-room-only committee hearings.
Wherever I've seen him, McCain has shared an obvious comraderie with the reporters covering him. One of the few members of Congress who doesn't need aides to handle him -- whisper in his ear or hand hiim talking points -- the McCain I've seen loves bantering, cracking wise and even providing real information to the journalists around him.
So who is this imposter John McCain?
Who is this presidential candidate encouraging the idiotic ultra-right-wing "we hate the liberal media" hostility?
Ironically, it's the lunatic-fringe, Rush Limbaugh crowd that's always accused "the liberal media" of fawning over McCain because he was a RINO -- Republican In Name Only.
Now it's John McCain himself who is impersonating Limbaugh.
What's becoming of McCain's sense of honor?

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